Writing is a lonely occupation. More than anything else, the greatest rewards for me are the positive comments from you, the readers. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to read a comment from someone who really enjoyed my story. It makes all those hours struggling over a word, a plot or paragraph worthwhile. Below is a sampling chosen from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo and Goodreads.


"Awesome. I can't wait for future additions to the Ambrose tale!"

"I have enjoyed the whole Ambrose series and I think that this is the best one to date. I sure hope another one is being written."

 "I have read the entire Ambrose series and wish there were more. A great story of the Viking explosion throughout Europe from Russia to Turkey to England."

 "Ambrose is back!!! Headed South to the lands of Constantinople. Terrific concept and plot. Corbett has written a great follow-up and I am looking forward to the following books in this terrific series."

 "An excellent and exciting story - historically accurate, yet written with a modern style. The characters become individuals and it's easy to become part of the adventure - and it is adventure! Wonderful!"

 "Another action-packed thriller set in the 860's AD, Ambrose and the gang again battle the Norsemen to rescue his beloved. Awesome."

"Interesting characters and lots of action. A very good read. This one was especially fun. I had trouble putting it down"

"I've finished book 9 of this series. The author does a great job of weaving Viking history through the dark ages, mid 9th century. From England to the kingdoms of Scandinavia, then Russia to Constantinople. Across the Mediterranean, Through North Africa, Italy, France and back to Briton. The author provides footnotes to explain historical inconsistencies and artistic license. I found it an enjoyable read and highly recommend it."

"Well researched and incredibly detailed, we follow Ambrose [this is book one of nine] in the mid 9th Century. Get it!"

"The author has done his research well. The characters are believable, and provide almost non-stop action. I look forward to the next volume."

"Enjoyed reading regarding a little chronicled period. Fast-paced, authentic to era."